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Building Timber / LVL & I Joists

LVL & I Joists

Laminated Veneer Lumber h2 treated (for white ant attack). An engineered plywood composite structural timber with great spanning capability. Very strong and stable.
Usage: internal structural use only

Prices include GST.

Products Available:

I Joist H2 Treated 240x63$13.50lm
I Joist H2 Treated 240x90$18.50lm
I Joist H2 Treated 300x45$13.95lm
I Joist H2 Treated 300x63$15.50lm
I Joist H2 Treated 300x90$21.75lm
I Joist H2 Treated 360x63$19.75lm
I Joist H2 Treated 360x90$24.95lm
I Joist H2 Treated200x45$12.25lm
I Joist H2 Treated240x45$12.50lm
LVL H2 Treated90x45$7.25lm
LVL H2 Treated 90x63$10.35lm
LVL H2 Treated130x36$8.25lm
LVL H2 Treated130x45$10.70lm
LVL H2 Treated130x63$14.95lm
LVL H2 Treated150x36$9.50lm
LVL H2 Treated150x45$11.50lm
LVL H2 Treated150x63$16.85lm
LVL H2 Treated170x36$10.95lm
LVL H2 Treated170x45$13.95lm
LVL H2 Treated170x63$19.50lm
LVL H2 Treated200x36$12.75lm
LVL H2 Treated200x45$15.75lm
LVL H2 Treated200x63$21.90lm
LVL H2 Treated240x36$15.25lm
LVL H2 Treated240x45$18.95lm
LVL H2 Treated240x63$26.50lm
LVL H2 Treated300x45$23.50lm
LVL H2 Treated300X63$33.00lm
LVL H2 Treated300X75$52.50lm
LVL H2 Treated360X45$29.50lm
LVL H2 Treated360X63$41.00lm
LVL H2 Treated400X45$32.95lm
LVL H2 Treated400X63$45.75lm
LVL H2 Treated450X63$51.00lm
LVL Termispan Blue H2 100x45$8.50lm
LVL Termispan Blue H2100x75$11.25lm
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Prices Include GST

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