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Joinery Timber / Merbau P/Round & Structural

Merbau Dar

Dressed merbau boards ideal for external useage and in all fire restricted areas.
Useage: ideal for screens and external fixtures.

Prices include GST.

Products Available:

Merbau dar P/Round42x18$2.85lm
Merbau dar P/Round42x31$5.95lm
Merbau dar P/Round41x41$8.50lm
Merbau dar P/Round68x19$4.95lm
Merbau dar P/Round90x19$6.50lm
Merbau dar P/Round91x42$19.95lm
Merbau dar P/Round140x19$9.75lm
Merbau dar P/Round140x42$31.50lm
Merbau dar P/Round190x42$39.95lm
Merbau dar P/Round190x19$22.50lm
Merbau dar P/Round240x42$61.50lm
Merbau dar P/Round290x42$75.00lm
Merbau engineered post solid face gl13115x115$75.00lm
Merbau engineered post solid face gl13140x140$125.00lm
Merbau P/Round Solid Posts91x91$36.50lm
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Prices Include GST

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