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Building Products / Plywood and Sheet Material

Plywood and Sheet Material

Structural plywood and composite floor sheeting in a range of sizes for use with bearer and joint construction.
Usage: lower cost flooring.

Prices include GST.

Products Available:

bamboo maui plywood2400x1200x4$59.50each
bb marine grade plywood2400x1200x12 $90.00each
bb marine grade plywood2400x1200x18$130.00each
f27 Wayang Plywood Brace2400x1200x3.6$25.00each
f27 Wayang Plywood Brace2700x1200x4.5 $28.50each
MDF Sheeting2400x1200x06$21.05each
MDF Sheeting 2400x1200x09$28.05each
MDF Sheeting2400x1200x12$36.95each
MDF Sheeting 2400x1200x16$38.00each
MDF Sheeting2400x1200x18$41.50each
MDF Sheeting2400x1200x25$62.50each
MDF Sheeting2400x1200x32$86.50each
MDF Sheeting2400x1200x03$14.00each
Melamine Sheet2400x1200x16$50.00each
Melamine Shelving2400x300x16$18.95each
Melamine Shelving2400x450x16$25.00each
Melamine Shelving2400x600x16$31.50each
Melamine Shelving3600x600x16$37.95each
Melamine Wrap 42x19x3.6$15.95each
particle board flooring beige tongue3600x900x22$66.00each
particle board flooring green tongue3600x900x19$50.00each
Plywood Brace 2440x900x07$26.00each
Plywood CD2400x1200x18$57.50each
Plywood CD2400x1200x07$29.00each
Plywood CD2400x1200x09$36.50each
Plywood CD2400x1200x12$46.50each
Plywood cd2400x1200x15$50.00each
Plywood Formply 1800x1200x18$76.50each
Plywood Formply 2400x1200x18$105.00each
Plywood T&G structural2400x1200x15$59.95each
Plywood T&G structural2400x1200x17$68.95each
Plywood T&G structural2400x1200x19$87.00each
shadowclad grooved unprimed2440x1200x12$122.50each
shadowclad grooved unprimed2745x1200x12$137.50each
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Prices Include GST

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