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Building Products / Weathertex


Compressed hardwood fibreboard in a range of architectural weatherboard and cladding profiles. Pre-primed durable and cost effective.
Usage: architectural weatherboard.

Prices include GST.

Items available

Concealed joiners 170mm170mm$3.25each
Concealed joiners 200mm200mm$3.50each
Concealed joiners 300mm300mm$4.20each
Primlok starter strip1.8m$12.75each
Weatherex Ecogroove 300mm300x3.6m$45.50each
Weathergroove Smooth 150mm2440x1196$142.50each
Weathergroove Smooth 150mm2745x1196$162.50each
Weathergroove Smooth 150mm3660x1196$235.00each
Weathertex braidwood smooth200mm x 3.6m$30.50each
Weathertex classic smooth200mm x 3.6m$22.50each
Weathertex ecogroove150mm300mmx3.6m$45.50each
Weathertex ext box corner large3.0m$68.00each
Weathertex ext box corner small3.66m$62.50each
Weathertex federation ruff sawn170mm x 3.6m$28.95each
Weathertex federation smooth170mm x 3.6m$27.95each
Weathertex internal corner large3.0m$67.50each
Weathertex internal corner small3.66m$62.50each
Weathertex millwood ruff sawn300mm x 3.6m$43.75each
Weathertex millwood smooth300mm x 3.6m$42.75each
Weathertex old colonial smooth300mm x 3.6m$42.75each
Weathertex primlok ruff sawn200mm x 3.6m$31.50each
Weathertex primlok smooth200mm x 3.6m$30.00each
Weathertex rusticated ruff sawn200mm x 3.6m$31.50each
Weathertex rusticated smooth 200mm x 3.6m$30.50each
Weathertex shadowood smooth170mm x 3.6m$27.95each
Weathertex shingles1195mm x 255mm$18.50each
Weathertex Texwood 300mm x3.6m$45.50each
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Prices Include GST

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